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Introducing our delightful "Candy Rain" bouquet – a sweet symphony of soft pastel pinks and whites that showers your senses with the joyous spirit of love. This enchanting arrangement, featuring white roses, light pink roses, pink tulips, and ranunculus, is a celebration of romance, tenderness, and the whimsical beauty of love.

"Candy Rain" is a visual treat, with each bloom carefully selected to create a harmonious blend of colors and textures. The purity of white roses symbolizes enduring love, while the soft blush of light pink roses adds a touch of elegance and grace. Pink tulips contribute a playful charm, and the delicate petals of ranunculus complete the ensemble with their intricate beauty, reminiscent of sweet confections.

Crafted by our skilled florists, "Candy Rain" is a testament to the artistry and passion that goes into every bouquet we create. The arrangement is designed to evoke the feelings of joy and sweetness, making it the perfect gift for expressing love on Valentine's Day.

Size: Approx. 65cm x 70cm


Please take note that the availability of our floral assortment may vary. In the case of any supply issues, we retain the absolute discretion to substitute any product with an alternative item of similar style, ensuring it possesses equal or superior value and quality. When substitutions are necessary, we make every effort to closely align with the original flower type and colour scheme.

Furthermore, as natural creations, the flowers may display subtle color variations. Some may manifest in darker or lighter tones compared to the initial presentation.

For proper care, we recommend trimming approximately 2.5cm from the ends of the stems at an angle before immersing them in fresh water, accompanied by the provided flower food. Maintain the flowers in a cool, draft-free setting, steering clear of direct heat or sunlight. Promptly remove any fading blooms or foliage, change the water every other day, and re-trim the stems as required.


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