If you’re the creative kind of bride, then the thought of creating your own unique flower arrangements for your most special day has probably crossed your mind!

Although you may be super creative, you might not have the necessary skills or knowledge when it comes to making your own wedding flowers and arrangements (plural!) that an experienced florist would have.

We hope our quick DIY Wedding Flower guide points you in the right direction when it comes to creating your own wonderful wedding flowers.

First things first…when are you getting married? 

The first thing to consider when creating your own arrangements and deciding which flowers to use is the time of year in which you are getting married. Certain flowers aren’t available all year round, so if you’re a peony lover you may want to consider a Summer wedding!

From this you can then start thinking about the colour scheme for your flowers as well as the all-round theme for your wedding. Will you go for rustic pastels or bright wild blooms? Either way it is best to keep your theme consistent throughout the ceremony, reception and bouquets!


Don’t forget your foliage!

It’s far too often that people focus purely on the flowers and completely ignore the importance of using foliage in their wedding arrangements. Not only does this add depth to any arrangement but it is also a way of lowering your wedding flower costs even further by bulking out your selected flowers with lots of greenery which can even be picked for your garden!


Time is of the essence

So you’ve selected your flowers, you have decided on your colour scheme and know how many arrangements you need to make…so what next?

The main part to any wedding flower arrangement is getting the timing correct for when to buy your flowers. You need to ensure you allocate enough time to collect your flowers from your local florist or wholesaler. We recommend doing this at least 4 days before your wedding. You also need to leave time to let your flowers open, typically we allow Roses 3-5 days, Freesia 7-10 days, and Peonies 3-10 days. You will also require suitable storage for your wedding flowers in the days leading up to your wedding so that they are looking their best for your big day. You also need to think about the set-up of your arrangements the day of you wedding!

Think about the vases & containers you want to use

You may have your flowers selected but you also need to consider what you will be putting these in. Tall vases or low arrangements? Either way we have a variety of different vases available for sale in our studio in Crews Hill!


Finer details

It’s all in the finishing touches and an array of candles or flowers posies around a gorgeous flower arrangement always completes the look!

It’s such a lovely idea to create your own wedding flowers for your big day, however as experienced florists we understand the time it takes to create bespoke arrangements for a wedding. We appreciate that whilst it is a lovely idea, it may not be something you want to be spending your time on and worrying about a few days before you get married and on your wedding day itself.

Our team of experienced wedding florists are on hand to take the pressure off you on your wedding day, whilst also working extremely closely with you to create you the beautiful and unique flower arrangements you have always dreamt off for your wedding. If you’d rather leave it to the experts then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.



DIY Wedding Flower Checklist:

What do you need?

·      Bridal bouquet

·      Bridesmaid flowers

·      Buttonholes for groom and groomsmen

·      Pew ends at ceremony

·      Table arrangements – how many based on your table numbers

·      Any additional flower décor?


Things to think about…

·      Which flowers do you want to use, and which work well together?

·      Colour scheme

·      Which vases/containers do you have and how many do you need?

·      Additional items for décor (candles etc)

·      Time required

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