Peony Season, also known as the months from April until June is when you will find florists stocked with the beautifully sweet scented, majestic flower that is Peonies.

It is no wonder why the peony is one of the most popular flowers, given it’s grand appearance when displayed in a vase or as a flower bouquet.

Peonies are available in a variety of pink and neutral shades, and at Your London Florist we sell these as simply bunches of peonies or mixed into a flower bouquet using other flowers and greenery that compliment the peonies.

In keeping with our signature Your London Florist style, it wouldn’t be right to not have created a stunning bouquet using peonies and dried flowers. Our popular ‘Pink Hues’ bouquet is truly unique in style and loved by many.

Given the short few months that peonies are around, it’s time to make the most of this beautiful flower and enjoy it whilst we can. Peonies are often used in bridal flowers across the Summer months, but can also simply be enjoyed in a bouquet arrangement,

Our peony bouquets are available for delivery throughout the UK and make the perfect gift for a special occasion for a loved one, or to simply brighten up your home.

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