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Dried Flower Wreath Making Kit

Dried Flower Wreath Making Kit

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On your demand our most popular wrath making kit back in stock!

Why not make your own door wreath at home while using your creativity & having fun quality time with your loved ones , following our step by step guidelines provided in our Christmas Wreath Making Kit.

Each Wreath Making Kit will come with:

  1. Your choice of wreath size

  2. Reel of silver binding wire

  3. Selection of dried flowers such as preserved fern and ruscus, dried bunny tails, phalaris, pampas grass, paper daisies and natural cotton

  4. Step by step video guide how to make your own wreath (will be emailed separately)

Regular size kit includes:

12’’ metal frame, reel of silver wire, 1 stem of cotton, 2 preserved large ferns, 2 fluffy pampas grass, 3 preserved ruscus, bundle of bunny tails, phalaris and paper daisies, step by step video link

Large size kit includes:

16’’ metal wreath frame, silver reel wire, 2 large stems of cotton, 3 preserved large ferns, 3 fluffy pampas grass, 5 preserved ruscus, bunny tails, pahalaris, paper daisies, step by step video link

*Picture represents our regular size wreath

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